Selection and recruitment

The key to a successful selection and recruitment lies in the deep knowledge that we have of the candidates as well as of the companies we work with: analysing and understanding the expectations, the values, the corporate culture, the business and the strategy of our partners. Therefore, the preparation process is even more important than the selection itself; we aim at a complete analysis, vision and understanding of both parties.


At Stulis, we make sure that we meet all our professional contacts in person. To guide our candidates appropriately and to be able to provide them with a constructive briefing and feedback, we will always meet the hiring manager of the position to be filled in.


Additionally each candidate will be seen by one or more consultants during a personal interview before being presented to any of our clients. We will always insist that our candidates meet one consultant whom he shares the same field of expertise with.


These meetings are necessary to select the candidate which will match the technical expertises of the function, and at the same time which will easily integrate in the team and in the corporate culture.


Besides the importance of the technical expertise of a candidate, our experience has shown that the adequacy of a person’s mentality to a company’s culture and to the personality of his manager contributes for more than 50% to the success of a recruitment process. At Stulis, the personal dimension is therefore of major importance in each selection process.


With this specific and personal approach based on the diversified fields of knowledge and experience of our consultants, Stulis represents an added value partner in the selection & recruitment of candidates in Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing, Engineering, Supply Chain and Human Resources as well as in other cross-functional domains.


Our values


At Stulis, we favour quality over quantity. Each client is different and unique and requires a tailor-made approach. It will be defined in close collaboration with your consultant and will result in a qualitative partnership.


A selection process takes time and requires active participation and involvement from each involved party. This involvement can not happen without mutual trust, transparency, respect and eye for ethical values.