Global HR services

At Stubbe, Lisart & Partners we offer a broad range of HR services to better answer our clients’ needs.

Global organization:

  • Meeting with each individual in the group of companies
  • Reviewing every position in the group and mapping of the tasks, responsibilities, expectations and potential of each individual
  • Defining an updated organizational chart
  • Reviewing job descriptions for each position in the company
  • Reassigning internal resources according to the new organizational chart
  • Defining new recruitment need
  • Helping to achieve the vision, the mission and the corporate value.

HR recruitment processes:

  • Reviewing partnerships with external selection and recruitment partners
  • Motivating each manager to be a more responsible part of the selection and recruitment process
  • Coordinating each selection and recruitment process

HR evaluation process

  • Defining a new evaluation system listening to the business managers’ needs
  • Organizing the evaluation meetings and follow up of the objectives given to each individual
  • Assistance to managers in the organization of their evaluation interviews and follow-up.

HR administration and payroll

  • Reviewing employment contracts and regulations
  • Reviewing the compensation and benefits policy of the company
  • Communicating all HR matters to all the company’s individuals
  • Introducing and following up subsidies’ files
  • Managing the installation of time registration systems