Our approach

At Stulis we aim for a complete analysis, vision and understanding of company as well as candidate with whom we work: analyzing and understanding everyone’s expectations is therefore an essential step in identifying the values, the corporate culture, the business and the strategy of our partners.  Therefore, the preparation is as important as the recruitment itself. We insist on a complete analysis and understanding of the expectations of each party.

We make sure that we meet all our professional contacts in person. In order to find the perfect candidate and tot be able to give him all the necessary information, we systematically ask to meet the direct manager of the function to be filled. Each prospective candidate passes one or more interviews with our consultant.

Those meetings are essential to enable us to select a candidate who will meet the technical requirements of the position but who, above all, will be integrated into a team and a corporate culture.

We are convinced that once the professional skills are validated, it’s the right match between the candidate’s personality and the company’s culture that is the value of quality recruitment. With us, the human dimension plays a vital role during each selection procedure.

With this specific and personal approach based on the diversified fields of knowledge and experience of our consultants, Stulis represents an added value partner in the selection & recruitment of candidates in Finance, Supply chain & Engineering, IT, Sales & Marketing, and Human Resources & Administration as well as in other cross-functional domains.